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A Simple Sales Strategy: Define What Selling Is!
How do you define selling? A lot of people think of selling as persuading/convincing people to buy things they may or may not want or need. To some, s...
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A Simple Sales Strategy: Ask Questions!
Ask questions. Ask questions. Ask questions. In case you didn't get this, ask questions! Asking questions is one of the most powerful keys to successf...
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A Simple Sales Strategy: Turn Customers Into Raving Fans!
What's next after someone becomes your client? What's next is to deliver on what you said you would, and more! As they say, "Under promise and over de...
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A Simple Sales Strategy: What To Say When Asked For A Discount
Has anyone ever said to you, "Your price is too high and I'd like a discount." In this article I outline two approaches for responding to this comment...
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A Simple Sales Strategy: Change The Meaning Of "No"
Imagine that you are talking to a potential client and they say "no", they don't want your service. How does that make you feel?

First off,...
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On line auctions rule
The internet has now turned in to a global marketplace in which anyone, anywhere, can buy or sell practically anything. The many Companies have develo...
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Real Estate Investing
Real estate has been a driving force in world economies since the days of Babylon, one of the most fantastic developments the world has ever known, an...
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A Simple Sales Strategy: Be Grateful For "Failures"
There is the "fear of failure" and "failure" itself. The purpose of this article is to change your perspective on both, as this may be one of the thin...
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10 reasons why you should buy an Ipod nano
A trendsetter and expensive is what the ipod nano is to most people. It makes a statement that I have arrived and I appreciate technology to the fulle...
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Selecting the Right Cigar
Are you a cigar lover or have you decided to try smoking a cigar? Certainly, a cigar is the status symbol for some as a wonderful pleasure that showca...
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