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Press Release Writing Tips for PR People
A press release is often your only chance to make a great first impression.

Newspapers, magazines and trade publications receive them by th...
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The revival of the audio book.
After 70 years audio books are still going strong. Nowadays it is very easy to download audio books from the Internet, which makes them more popular t...
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You Can Publish Your Passion, Free
All by themselves every Tom, Dick and Harry can now publish their creations for free (or with very little cost)!

Where do musicians, movie ...
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For Love and Money
I recently watched the movie, Casanova (the movie by which my brother and I jokingly refer to as Heath Ledger...
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Funeral Homes turn to Innovative Memorial Gifts
Funerals and innovation seem unlikely companions. Our bereavement traditions of the viewing, the casket, the urn, and the tombstone have been relative...
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The Neglected Market Media
Boy is he an idiot! The neglected market media covers a large range of topics. It would seem that their are numerous areas of marketing, advertising, ...
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The Philosophy Of Why Blogging And Publishing Content Online Is So Important And Profitable
Most people surfing the Internet are looking for information. In other words, most people are not actively seeking to buy a product and nearly everyon...
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Vacaville Reporter News Journal
The Vacaville Reporter is the daily newspaper from Vacaville, California. When it first appeared in 1883 it was covering Vacaville and only a part of ...
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Print v/s Online Media: Here
Part 1: Print Media: The Need To Change

Harold Wilson once said...
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Successful Self Publishing
Successful Self-Publishing
Terence Tam
Issue 1: January 2007

Inside this issue:
Developing a marketing plan for your b...
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