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THE ELEPHANT ROARED AND BROUGHT FORTH A TURD...A Case Against Democratizing The Middle East
(An Eschatological Perspective)

By Doug Krieger

The original vulgarity was bylined:...
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By Doug Krieger

Each day the present geo-politi...
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One Nation, Under Thor
Show of hands please. Who remembers who they voted for in the last Presidential election? Okay. Now, lower your hands because the fact of the matter i...
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Land O' Ventura
On This Week with George Stephanoplous newscaster Cokie Roberts made the statement that the people of Minnesota had voted for Jesse Ventura for govern...
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Losing the Blame Game
George Bush says he doesn't want to play the blame game and I don't blame him a bit. He doesn't want to play that game for the same reason that I don'...
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Inside George Bush's Head
Kanye West - a rapper, I believe - went a little bit off script at a recent telethon for Hurricane Relief. As comedian Mike Meyers stood by solemnly, ...
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Second Son of a Second Son
Yeah, I know it's supposed to be seventh son of a seventh son, but that doesn't fit in at all with what I want to say, which is: We second born sons s...
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Leaving the Promised Land
The Jewish Settlers who are leaving Gaza are pretty unhappy and not even the two to three thousand dollars they will each receive are enough to dry th...
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Ambassador Wally Walrus
Dick Cheney recently stood up for our newU.N. ambassador, John Bolton, by saying that, sure, he's an A-hole, but there are lots of A-holes in Washingt...
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Seventy Two Raisins
It would be nice to believe that terrorism doesn't work, but, I kind of think it does. At least, it works in the respect that if somebody wants to blo...
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