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Eczema and Acne Herbs for a Powerful Footbath
In 1979, Maurice Messe...
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Using Calcium and Magnesium for Constipation
Using calcium and magnesium in the right quantities can prevent or relieve constipation. They can support the health of your colon and keep you regu...
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The Government Wants You to Smoke
Well ... maybe not the Department of health and Human Services, but the Government as a whole, they do pretty well off of tobacco.

On the ...
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MOVING TO CANADA IS A JOKE...The Economic, Military, and Social Integration of North America
By Doug Krieger

Eh? I can think of scores of reasons to move to Canada (or opt for the Mexican Riviera) . . . any place but Babylon the ...

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Government Grants to start or expand your business
Anyone thinking about going into business for themselves , or wanting to expand an existing b...
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Acuvue Contact Lenses - Bringing Out The Best In Your Eyes!
Contact lenses are small, optical, often soft, and remarkably thin lenses placed in the cornea of one's eye. They improve the vision, and sometimes th...
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What is the Green Card Lottery About?
The green card lottery is where the Department of State annually awards green cards to immigrants. This is a lottery that is done by a random compute...
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What You Need to Know About the Green Card Lottery
The diversity Immigrant Visa program or also known as, the green card lottery is a congressional mandated lottery program which gives out green cards....
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U.S. Congress Ignores Bill To Boost Minimum Wage
In June of 2006 the U.S. Congress decided to ignore a bill which would raise Minimum wage from the current, $5.15 ($10,712. annually) to $6.75 ($14,04...
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Secrets Behind Old Glory Revealed Part 1
If you are an American and grew up attending school in the United States, you were taught the lesson of how Betsy Ross sewed together the first Americ...
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