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Designing Your Direct Mail Ad to Get Responses
Do you frequently send out direct mail ads to prospective customers only to...
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Reasons to still use Direct Mail

Reasons to still use Direct MailDirect mail is almost deemed old fashioned now a days with the huge move away from offline marketing towards online...

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Direct Mail
Where to Start:

Most novice marketers have definite fixed ideas about direct mail that are way off base - most often in the area of ...
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Direct Mail
The number of businesses using direct mail marketing now compared to how many used this medium 10 to 15 years ago is staggeringly higher. More and mor...
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Direct Mail Marketing Done Correctly, Cannot Fail
So how do you do it?

Direct mail marketing. When it comes to marketing your product or services there are two basic challenges:
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Find the Goldmine within Your Business
Doing a current customer breakdown can help you find the goldmine within your business by determining who you should be targeting in your marketing ef...
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Increase New Customer Traffic to Your Business
One person tells another, who tells another, who tells another and so on. You get the idea. Let...
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Ordering Real Estate Postcards - Be Careful
Agents have used real estate postcards as a marketing tool for decades. But if you don't how to use real estate postcards, you could end up spending a...
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What Real Estate Postcard Companies Won't Tell You (But Should)
After working for two postcard printing companies (and dealing with many more), I've learned quite a bit about the challenges real estate marketers fa...
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Raise Your Income!
How often do you sit around and wonder how to make more money and get more people to buy more from your company? It...
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